Corruption Runs Deep

It becomes obvious that there are some shady inner workings that have enabled Phoenix House to stay in business when you take into account that they’ve been charged repeatedly with a misappropriation of funds with the earliest reporting I can find being 1970. That’s five years before I was even born. The most recent is last year.

Controller Charges City‐Fund Misuse In Addict Program -1970

Phoenix Houses of N.Y. misused $223,000 in state funds: audit -2013

DiNapoli: State Pays Drug Treatment Center Nearly $4 Million for Ineligible Expenses

And speaking of four million dollars, that’s about how much Beyoncé gave Phoenix House in 2011 to help the same people they’ve been discriminating against for years. The *countless* federal civil rights suits against Phoenix House makes that clear.

Why do they pay lobbyists so much? With Phoenix House being at least 90% government funded and with contracts with corrections, how does embezzlement and misappropriation like this go unchecked? What’s the incentive for officials to look the other way for FORTY YEARS? It’s worth a closer look.


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