Falling Phoenix

A survivor of a cult-based “Therapeutic Community” coming to terms with her past and telling the whole story.

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From Synanon to Hare Krishnas?

While I was at Phoenix House Descanso (San Diego) from ‘92 to ‘94, they began allowing “outside mentors” to come and chat and befriend and talk to us. The most memorable was the group of Hare Krishnas that would come up weekly and chat with us, in groups and individually. One young Hare Krishna, whomContinue reading “From Synanon to Hare Krishnas?”

The Game

You can read about my first experience with an encounter group and a description of what Synanon and Phoenix House’s “The Game” is like from inside the circle in a previous blog post, but I’m going to share some receipts today, too. These are pages from the Phoenix House Handbook as it stood in 1992.Continue reading “The Game”

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